Playlists galore

Back when I was a teenager and through to my years in university, making mixed cassette tapes was more than just a pastime. It was a form of art. We would make them for all occasions, to share music with friends, to show loved ones how much we cared, to express a certain mood or to get ourselves into a certain mood. Some of us more dedicated music nerds would get artsy and craftsy in making cassette covers and even doodled all over the cassette tapes themselves.

In the years just before and just after I graduated from university, CD burners became  more affordable and the mixed tapes gave way to mixed CDs. However, this phase was much more short-lived as technology sped up and we soon had iPods and other MP3 players that could fit hundreds and thousands of songs and the shuffle function became our new friend.

Nowadays, the many streaming services have put endless amounts of music at our fingertips and it has become almost untenable to keep up. The best of these, services like Spotify, have brought back the idea of the mixed tape, albeit a virtual one, to help people to discover new music, based on the music they already like. They also allow old school music nerds like myself to make playlists to share with friends and acquaintances.

I started making playlists on Spotify to share on these pages early this year (2019) and have decided to list them here on this page in case you’ve missed any of them.  If you’re not already a subscriber, the embedded function on each of these posts may not work properly but you can at least sample parts of each song. If you are a subscriber, look me up (jprobichaud911) and if you’re so inclined, give me a follow. Like as not, I’ll follow you back.