Playlist: New tunes from 2019, part two

I don’t know how things shook out where you are but here in Ottawa, the winter took its sweet time loosening its hold. We had snow banks well into April and the “April showers” became “May rains”. The Ottawa river and a number of other rivers in the area hit record heights, causing widespread flooding. We still had the heat on in our place into June and almost immediately had to switch on the AC.

So Spring? Not so much this year, really only having it in name.

Luckily, there was quite a bit of good music released to keep our minds off the dreary weather and this playlist features some of my favourite music that came out over the last three months.

Highlights include:

    • “Can’t find my heart”, the first tune off the second EP in a series released this year by Canada’s venerated indie rock collective, Broken Social Scene
    • A lovely tune called “Athens” off the first album by Elizabeth Morris’s (Allo Darlin’) new band, Elva, with Ola Innset (Making Marks)
    • “Wake me when it’s over”, track three of the final album by The Cranberries, “In the end”, released over a year after Dolores O’Riordan’s death
    • “Young enough”, the title track off the sophomore album by Charly Bliss, which this particular music fan needed to listen to many times before got… so if you yourself aren’t sure yet, give it some time
    • The latest album by The National, “I am easy to find”, is yet another twist and turn in the band’s artistic journey and from this new collection of tunes, I’ve included the majestic “Rylan”
    • “The barricade” off the new record by Toronto indie rock legends, The Lowest of the Lowest, which sounds like to these ears like a return to their early days

For those who don’t use Spotify or if the embedded playlist below doesn’t work for you, here is the entire playlist:

1. “Everyday” Weyes Blood (from the album Titanic rising)

2. “That’s where the trouble started” Rose Elinor Dougall (from the album A new illusion)

3. “Can’t find my heart” Broken Social Scene (from the EP Let’s try the after vol. 2)

4. “What I’ve been kicking around” The Tallest Man on Earth (from the album I love you. It’s a fever dream)

5. “Scarecrow” Wand (from the album Laughing matter)

6. “The barrel” Aldous Harding (from the album Designer)

7. “Athens” Elva (from the album Winter sun)

8. “Wake me when it’s over” The Cranberries (from the album In the end)

9. “No halo” Kevin Morby (from the album Oh my god)

10. “Déjà vu” SOAK (from the album Grim town)

11. “Harmony hall” Vampire Weekend (from the album Father of the bride)

12. “White of an eye” Patience (from the album Dizzy spells)

13. “Young enough” Charly Bliss (from the album Young enough)

14. “Fine mess” Interpol (from the EP A fine mess)

15. “Faithless” Operators (from the album Radiant dawn)

16. “Rylan” The National (from the album I am easy to find)

17. “Future shade” Black Mountain (from the album Destroyer)

18. “Almost it” SACRED PAWS (from the album Run around the sun)

19. “Is there a pill?” Richard Hawley (from the album Further)

20. “The barricade” The Lowest of the Low (from the album Agitpop)

21. “Black Friday” Palehound (from the album Black Friday)

22. “The river” AURORA (from the album A different kind of human, step II)

23. “Insignificant” Lust for Youth (from the album Lust for Youth)

24. “Natural” Julia Shapiro (from the album Perfect version)

25. “Her own heart” Hatchie (from the album Keepsake)


For those of you who are on Spotify, feel free to look me up. My user name is “jprobichaud911”.

14 replies on “Playlist: New tunes from 2019, part two”

Some good stuff in there. I’ve fair enjoyed Charly Bliss and Black Mountain, but I just can’t get into The National’s newest album. I need to spend more time with the new Weyes Blood and Vampire Weekend is on my list, but I just can’t bring myself to listen to them based on previous albums… though I really should give it a bash.

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Yeah. I don’t know if you’re going to find much more to like in their new stuff if you didn’t like earlier Vampire Weekend material. Doesn’t mean shouldn’t give it a go though. There a few great tracks, though, the album could’ve been shorter.

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Yeah. I was a bit surprised too. I didn’t really like a lot of their later work but there’s some good stuff on this last album.

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