Playlist: New tunes from 2019, part one

I guess it was just a matter of time before playlists became a thing on this blog. The only surprise to me is that it took me this long to break down and post a Spotify playlist to these pages. And I’m already imagining this won’t be the last. Hence, the “part one” adjunct at the end the title above.

These here twenty-five songs are all from albums that have been released in the first three months of 2019 and are amongst my faves from said albums. Indeed, these are the songs that have soundtracked a very long winter up here in Canada’s capital, making my morning and afternoon commutes to and from work that much more bearable.

Highlights include:

      • “Not so proud”, track five off the self-titled debut album by Tallies, a four-piece dream pop outfit from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      • A track (“Dylan Thomas”) by the surprise collaboration between Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers, from the album titled “Better Oblivion Community Center”
      • “Motor city steel”, one of the few highlights off an otherwise disappointing outing from Dandy Warhols, an alternative rock favourite in my books
      • “First world problems”, a song I wanted to hate off Stone Roses’ frontman, Ian Brown’s latest solo effort because its title is oh so millennial… but I just can’t help myself…
      • Reviews have been decidedly mixed for the debut album by (don’t call us a) supergroup Piroshka, who include ex-members of Lush, Moose, Modern English, and Elastica, but I love the single “Everlastingly yours”
      • “Tough enough” by Ex Hex is so so so 1980s in a Go-gos, Bangles, and Pat Benatar kind of way

For those who don’t use Spotify or if the embedded playlist below doesn’t work for you, here is the entire playlist:

      1. “Not so proud” Tallies (from the album Tallies)
      1. “About the light” Steve Mason (from the album About the light)
      1. “Her cold cold heart” Night Beats (from the album Myth of a man)
      1. “[10 good reasons for modern drugs]” The Twilight Sad (from the album It won’t be like this all the time)
      1. “Seventeen” Sharon Van Etten (from the album Remind me tomorrow)
      1. “Death in midsummer” Deerhunter (from the album Why hasn’t everything already disappeared?)
      1. “Dylan Thomas” Better Oblivion Community Center (from the album Better Oblivion Community Center)
      1. “Motor city steel” The Dandy Warhols (from the album Why you so crazy)
      1. “Sequence one” TOY (from the album Happy in the hollow)
      1. “Spiked flower” Swervedriver (from the album Future ruins)
      1. “Mexican dress” Blood Red Shoes (from the album Get tragic)
      1. “Five on it” Spielbergs (from the album This is not the end)
      1. “First world problems” Ian Brown (from the album Ripples)
      1. “Gallipoli” Beirut (from the album Gallipoli)
      1. “Bellyache” Yak (from the album Pursuit of momentary happiness)
      1. “Everlastingly yours” Piroshka (from the album Brickbat)
      1. “Until the fire” Ladytron (from the album Ladytron)
      1. “Jonatan” Desperate Journalist (from the album In search of the miraculous)
      1. “Pressure to party” Julia Jacklin (from the album Crushing)
      1. “One last night on this earth” Sundara Karma (from the album Ulfila’s alphabet)
      1. “Exits” Foals (from the album Everything not saved will be lost, part 1)
      1. “Woman” Karen O and Danger Mouse (from the album Lux Prima)
      1. “Tough enough” Ex Hex (from the album It’s real)
      1. “Look at you now” Sleeper (from the album The modern age)
      1. “Wasted youth” Jenny Lewis (from the album On the line)


For those of you who are on Spotify, feel free to look me up. My user name is “jprobichaud911”.

Vinyl love: Stars “There is no love in fluorescent light”

(Vinyl Love is a series of posts that quite simply lists, describes, and displays the pieces in my growing vinyl collection. You can bet that each record was given a spin during the drafting of each corresponding post.)

Artist: Stars
Album Title: There is no love in fluorescent light
Year released: 2017
Details: Gatefold sleeve, double LP, limited edition, bone coloured

The skinny: For those of you tired of me posting pretty pictures of the lovely vinyl this Canadian indie pop group keeps putting out, rest assured this will be the last of these posts for a while. “There is no love in fluorescent light” is Stars’ eighth and final album thus far and the last of their representation in my vinyl collection. And to be honest, this is the album by the group with which I am least familiar, this morning’s spin still only brings the amount of times I have listened to it to a handful. Nevertheless, there are some great tracks here, including the one below. And well, doesn’t that bone colour look pretty?

Standout track: “Fluorescent light”

Vinyl love: Stars “No one is lost”

(Vinyl Love is a series of posts that quite simply lists, describes, and displays the pieces in my growing vinyl collection. You can bet that each record was given a spin during the drafting of each corresponding post.)

Artist: Stars
Album Title: No one is lost
Year released: 2014
Details: Gatefold sleeve, signed insert, double LP, pink/black split

The skinny: This Canadian indie pop band’s seventh album was the first record I ever pre-ordered on vinyl directly from the artist for my vinyl collection. If you’ve been following along on the last few “Vinyl love” posts, you might understand why. Stars were a pretty big deal throughout the 2000s and into this current decade in the Canadian indie pop scene. For this record, they went rollerskate paradise retro in pink neon and full of hope in its title, while knowing full well that in reality, we are lost. It’s a good record with some excellent tracks, definitely worth your time if you haven’t yet given it its due.

Standout track: “Trap door”