Playlist: New tunes from 2020, part three

Well, well, well. Here we are, three quarters of the way through the year and with the end of each quarter brings a new instalment in my playlist project.

You may recall that I was a bit late and a bit slow organizing parts one and two in this series, but they were both great mixes so if you haven’t already done so, go ahead and check them out as well. By comparison, though, I was a lot more on the ball with part three. Perhaps I’m finally getting used to this new reality. Or perhaps I’m sensing an end to this year and I’m subconsciously preparing myself to close things out. Indeed, I had already pretty much wrapped this one up before the end of September and ended up having to make room for the track from Fleet Foxes’ surprise album when it was announced last week. Because, well… how could I not?

This third playlist (like the others before it) is very much a retelling of the season by the music from which it came. These particular tunes soundtracked a lost summer. A season of people relaxing things up a little bit (perhaps too much in some cases) but still keeping aware of the risks this pandemic posed. People were trying to get out into the fresh air, to stretch their legs, to meet up with other people (at a safe distance) on patios and such. To catch up, tell stories, to reach out and try to grab on to some normalcy. There wasn’t a lot of options for travel and the weekend trips that my wife and I were used to taking each summer to get away didn’t seem worth the risk. Still, we took the odd day trip, got out on our bikes, and out into the outdoors on hikes. Yeah. It was a weird summer but these twenty five tunes brought the sun and cheer anyway. Damn it all. Thank goodness for music.

On that note, let’s have a look at some of the highlights of this season’s playlist:

      • Dream wife flirts with a bunch of different sounds on their sophomore record and all of it a bit raw but it’s this ear worm single, “Hasta la vista” of which I just can’t get enough
      • I almost took a pass on checking out the first new album in almost thirty years by British new wave rockers Psychedelic Furs and I’m so glad I didn’t, because I would’ve missed out on instant classics like “Wrong train”
      • I honestly never thought I’d have Shania Twain appear in my music collection but thanks to Canadian alternative country outlaw, Orville Peck, she does and I’ve found myself humming “Legends never die” on many an occasion since first hearing it
      • “My own soul’s warning”, the first new track by The Killers that has hooked me since their sophomore album was released back in 2006
      • New tune by Secret Machines, “Everything starts”, marks a welcome return by neo-prog rockers and it feels here like they haven’t missed a beat
      • And speaking of welcome returns, one of my favourite bands ever, Doves are back with new music and “Carousels” is just gorgeous – period, full stop

For those who don’t use Spotify or if the embedded playlist below doesn’t work for you, here is the entire playlist as I’ve created it:

    1. “A reason to celebrate” bdrmm (from the album Bedroom)
    2. “Hasta la vista” Dream Wife (from the album So when you gonna…)
    3. “I’m not getting excited” The Beths (from the album Jump rope gazers)
    4. “That’s how rumors get started” Margo Price (from the album That’s how rumors get started)
    5. “Run it” My Morning Jacket (from the album The waterfall II)
    6. “Must I evolve?” Jarv Is (from the album Beyond the pale)
    7. “Haha” Dehd (from the album Flower of devotion)
    8. “Wrong train” The Psychedelic Furs (from the album Made of rain)
    9. “If I told” Courtney Marie Andrews (from the album Old flowers)
    10. “Sunflower” Dizzy (from the album The sun and her scorch)
    11. “Televised mind” Fontaines D.C. (from the album A hero’s death)
    12. “Legends never die” Orville Peck with Shania Twain (from the EP Show pony)
    13. “Hard on everyone” Kathleen Edwards (from the album Total freedom)
    14. “Our new day” Levellers (from the album Peace)
    15. “Mariana Trench” Bright Eyes (from the album Down in the weeds, where the world once was)
    16. “My own soul’s warning” The Killers (from the album Imploding the mirage)
    17. “Birthmark” No Joy (from the album Motherhood)
    18. “Everything starts” Secret Machines (from the album Awake in the brain chamber)
    19. “Dig in” I Like Trains (from the album Kompromat)
    20. “This is not the indie rock I signed up for” Girl Friday (from the album Androgynous Mary)
    21. “(We are all mirrors)” Angel Olsen (from the album Whole new mess)
    22. “That emotion” Hannah Georgas (from the album All that emotion)
    23. “Carousels” Doves (from the album The universal want)
    24. “Solipsism” Fenne Lily (from the album Breach)
    25. “Can I believe you” Fleet Foxes (from the album Shore)

And as I’ve said before, I’ll say again: Wherever you are in the world, I hope you are safe and continue to be well. Until next time, enjoy the tunes.

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Vinyl love: Doves “Some cities”

(Vinyl Love is a series of posts that quite simply lists, describes, and displays the pieces in my growing vinyl collection. You can bet that each record was given a spin during the drafting of each corresponding post.)

Artist: Doves
Album Title: Some cities
Year released: 2004
Year reissued: 2019
Details: double LP, white vinyl, limited edition, numbered 0624

The skinny: Back at the beginning of July, I shared photos of Doves’ first record, “Lost souls” and talked about the excitement of having one of my favourite bands back together and active. The announcement of their reunion in late 2018 was well met and by all accounts, the run of live shows that kicked it all off in 2019 were triumphant and exciting. Of course, that was all followed by the reissue of their first three records on limited edition, coloured vinyl, of which I ordered all of them (I shared photos of their sophomore record, “The last broadcast“, as soon as I received them). And then came the ultimate news of all, the prospect of new material, their first in a decade. They’ve been teasing us with a few new songs over the last month or so, then, they dropped the early September release date on us, and you better believe that I pre-ordered it, a sort of birthday present to myself. Anyway… here’s the final one of last year’s reissues, Doves’ third album, 2004’s “Some cities”. It’s beautiful looking and beautiful sounding, like all their records. Come on September…

Standout track: “Walk in fire”

Vinyl love: Doves “Lost souls”

(Vinyl Love is a series of posts that quite simply lists, describes, and displays the pieces in my growing vinyl collection. You can bet that each record was given a spin during the drafting of each corresponding post.)

Artist: Doves
Album Title: Lost souls
Year released: 2000
Year reissued: 2019
Details: double LP, grey vinyl, limited edition, numbered 2952

The skinny: Last year gave us the big news that Doves, one of my all-time favourite bands, was re-forming for some live shows. And then came the vinyl reissues of their now classic first three albums. I received them in the mail around this time last year and I immediately posted ecstatic pics of my new copy their sophomore release, “The last broadcast“. These days, we are eagerly awaiting news for their brand new album to drop. (We’ve already heard the first single, “Carousels”, which sounds brilliant.) Until then, here’s another of those limited edition, coloured vinyl, numbered releases. This one, their debut, “Lost souls”, pretty sums it all up for me this week. Those in the know will understand.

Standout track: “The cedar room”