Best tunes of 2010

This was the year that the winter olympics were held in Vancouver and Whistler in Canada and jumpstarted the “Own the podium” program for our country’s athletes that still runs today. A volcano, whose name I cannot pronounce, erupted and wreaked havoc in Iceland but it also created an ash cloud that disrupted air travel in Europe for months. BP leaked tons and tons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Greece and Ireland needed to be bailed out of their financial crises. And Wikileaks became a thing.

I’d normally drop some names of the famous people that were born in this year but at this point, anyone born in 2010 would only be 7 years old. How famous could they be? However, we did lose some greats to that nasty jerk death, like JD Salinger (author of Catcher in the rye), Manute Bol (NBA giant), Malcolm McLaren (manager of the Sex Pistols), and Denis Hopper and Leslie Nielson (actors).

The year 2010 doesn’t seem that long ago but it has been seven years and of course, I am hard put to explain what I was doing with myself at that time. I can safely say that my wife and I celebrated our first anniversary that year and in so doing, visited Quebec City and the lovely Charlevoix region. But other than that, I can only surmise that I spent my time working, sleeping, drinking beer, and listening to tunes. Of this last, there was plenty good that came out of 2010 so this list is going to be a good one. Enjoy!

#30 P.S. I Love You “Get over” (from Meet me at the muster station)

#29 Shout Out Louds “1999” (from Work)

#28 The New Pornographers “Sweet talk, sweet talk” (from Together)

#27 Karen Elson “The ghost who walks” (from The ghost who walks)

#26 The Drums “Best friend” (from The Drums)

#25 Library Voices “Drinking games” (from Denim on denim)

#24 OK Go “This too shall pass” (from Of the blue colour of the sky)

#23 Jon And Roy “Any day now” (from Homes)

#22 The National “Conversation 16” (from High violet)

#21 School Of Seven Bells “I L U” (from Disconnect from desire)

#20 Stars “Fixed” (from The five ghosts)

#19 The Like “Wishing he was dead” (from Release me)

#18 Phantogram “Mouthful of diamonds” (from Eyelid movies)

#17 Band Of Horses “Compliments” (from Infinite arms)

#16 Wolf Parade “Palm road” (from Expo 86)

#15 LCD Soundsystem “Drunk girls” (from This is happening)

#14 Diamond Rings “Wait and see” (from Special affections)

#13 Gorillaz “On melancholy hill” (from Plastic beach)

#12 Arcade Fire “The suburbs” (from The suburbs)

#11 Beach House “Used to be” (from Teen dream)

#10 Steve Mason “Boys outside” (from Boys outside)

#9 The Black Keys “Tighten up” (from Brothers)

#8 Future Islands “Walking through that door” (from In evening air)

#7 Stars “Dead hearts” (from The five ghosts)

#6 The New Pornographers “Crash years” (from Together)

#5 Bedouin Soundclash (feat. Cœur de pirate) “Brutal hearts” (from Light the horizon)

#4 The Radio Dept. “This time around” (from Clinging to a scheme)

#3 The National “Runaway” (from High violet)

#2 Arcade Fire “Sprawl II (Mountains beyond mountains)” (from The suburbs)

#1 Broken Bells “The high road” (from Broken Bells)