Vinyl love: Oasis “(What’s the story) morning glory?”

(Vinyl Love is a series of posts that quite simply lists, describes, and displays the pieces in my growing vinyl collection. You can bet that each record was given a spin during the drafting of each corresponding post.)

Artist: Oasis
Album Title: (What’s the story) morning glory?
Year released: 1995
Year reissued: 2014
Details: Triple Gatefold, double LP, Remastered

The skinny: Continuing my revisits of the Oasis records in my collection, we have lit upon their best-known (but is it their best?) record. I definitely remember when “(What’s the story) morning glory?” came out, though I maybe didn’t buy it right away because I was living the student life in residence at the time. However, when Victoria and I moved in together many moons ago, this is one of the duplicates that arose out of our merging of CD collections and one of the few of those that I didn’t originally introduce to her. My future wife came upon it on her own, likely based on the ubiquity of the second single, “Wonderwall”, and the album has become one of those few that she can say that she loves every song… Oh yes, and I love it too, which is why when it was remastered and reissued on heavyweight vinyl back in 2014, I didn’t hesitate to put down the cash.

Standout track: “Don’t look back in anger”

7 replies on “Vinyl love: Oasis “(What’s the story) morning glory?””

No. It wasn’t on the original CD but it was on the original LP so they included it on the reissue. Just a fun number. Kind of like the one of similar title on Blur’s Parklife. Methinks there might be a connection.

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They always had a bonus track for us LP-heads.

I HATE this reissue because it bought the price of my original down!! How am I supposed to get to billionairedom if bands keep re-releasing stuff?!

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Haha. I can totally understand your hate on for it. I have a few albums that are worth ridiculous sums right now but will bottom out as soon they are reissued, which is bound to happen eventually… Of course, the albums are only worth that if I plan to sell them and that’s not very likely.

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