Best tunes of 2000: #1 Coldplay “Yellow”

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So here we are reaching the end of the first series, hence, list on this young blog of mine. Admittedly, at 15 tracks, it’s a short list, given what I’ve always felt was a lack of quality material to draw from in 2000’s music releases. You’ve read the title and so you know the song I’ve ranked as number one. If you haven’t been following along from the beginning, I invite you to go back and check out the rest of the list here.

If you’re still with with me, I’ll begin. But first I want you to close your eyes (not literally, silly, you won’t be able to continue reading) and use your imagination. Yes, imagine that it is 2000 or if that fails, try to remember yourself and your musical tastes in and around that time. It is before Coldplay got huge. Before “Yellow” was seriously overplayed on radio stations everywhere. Before “Rush of cold blood to head”, “X&Y”‘, and each successive album thereafter, each one getting bigger and more bloated. Before the arena tours that saw the foursome trying to become U2. And failing. Before the millions and millions in record sales. Before Chris Martin’s marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow and the birth of Apple. Before all of it. And imagine (or remember) what it would be/was like to listen to “Yellow” for the first time.

Yeah. That’s the spot. That’s why it’s number one on this list.

I don’t have to imagine such a scenario because I remember the first time I heard it played on EDGE 102.1. My early morning alarm had gone off, tuned to the radio. Some other song was finishing and that solo acoustic guitar strum intro came on, followed by the messy, slightly off tune rhythm guitar and Chris Martin’s opening lines: “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.” Yes, I recognized Pixies’ oft-recycled, loud-soft-loud logic, along with early Radiohead’s British alt-rock template, but it was all done honestly and passionately. And it was love at first hearing. So instead of jumping out of bed and into the shower as I normally would have done, I waited through another song to hear the announcer report the name of band and song. I duly jotted both down in the writer’s notebook that I used to keep by my bedside and headed off to work.

As soon as I got home, I dialled in to the internet, logged in to Napster, and a half hour later or so, I had “Yellow” on my desktop computer. I listened to it a dozen or so times. Ate dinner. Then, listened to it a couple dozen more times. Some time later, probably not very long after, I went out and bought Coldplay’s debut, “Parachutes”, and proceeded to play the hell out of that. Little did I know that all around the city, country, and world, many others were doing something similar and radio stations and music video channels were filling the voids in between. So when their first North American club tour reached Toronto, I was surprised when tickets sold out fast. I didn’t see them until five years later at a venue (Corel Centre) way bigger than their own capacity warranted, in my opinion.

But I’ll stop there before the ranting begins.

To sum up, “Yellow” is a great rocker that generated a lot of excitement back in 2000 and taken on its own, time really hasn’t changed any of that for me. Enjoy.

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Yeah. I know Coldplay has gotten a lot of flack and their name has become something of a dirty word but this song was on everyone’s lips back in the day. I still think it’s a pretty great song.

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Yup. A great tune. I remember buying Parachutes off the back of hearing this… still maintain that’s a great album. As is A Rush Of Blood To The Head (I had a similar reaction to In My Place).

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Yes. I thought A rush of blood was pretty great too and so is X&Y (in parts), though things started to fall apart after that in my opinion. A big problem was they got so big so quick and they were playing stadiums before they were ready and… well there I go ranting again…

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X&Y has a couple of good tunes, but they felt like leftovers from A Rush Of Blood… not very consistent. I quickly discarded it and my early enthusiasm for the next album diminished as soon as I heard it. Ouch.

They get a lot of criticism, which I think is a tad unfair. They’re certainly not the worst band I can think of and I think they’d be capable of releasing something worthwhile if they actually felt inspired (kinda like Kings of Leon).

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Agreed. We tend to hate it when “our friends become successful” as Morrissey says. It’s like we’re indignant or something. Still, I haven’t been very keen on much of what they’ve come up with over the last bunch of albums. A return to form would be welcome.

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You are probably right. I never did get into Kings of Leon myself, probably because my only attempt came too late in the game.

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Couldn’t agree more JP . A head rush tune for sure . Parachutes is still my favorite record by them. Granted , they wore their influences (particularly Radiohead ) on their sleeves , but you can’t beat great songwriting , and the album is chock-full of it.

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Indeed. I thought I would get a bunch of turned heads when I posted this, especially given the animosity I’ve seen foisted at the band, but most comments have been in agreement.

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[…] Just about five years ago, I was nearing the end of my Best tunes of 2000 list and the excellent second single of this record, “Bohemian like you”, came up at number two. I’ve got my posts linked so that when they go live, a blast also goes out through my Twitter account and I distinctly remember that when that particular post went out, whoever manages the Dandy Warhols Twitter account gave my tweet a like but responded that the song should’ve been number one. And they weren’t wrong. It definitely would’ve been at the top if it weren’t for that one niggling song by Coldplay. […]


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