Best tunes of 2001: #22 Weezer “Island in the sun”

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I remember really enjoying their set and told the lead singer so when I saw him afterwards at the merch table. However, I had no idea how massive the band would get, or that I would be seeing them headline a massive outdoor festival more than fifteen years later, when I saw Weezer open up for British shoegazers Lush in the summer of 1994.

The only song I had heard at the time on the radio was “Undone (The sweater song)” but shortly afterwards, I started hearing “My name is Jonas” quite regularly. Then, came the video for “Buddy Holly”, which spliced footage of the band performing with archive images of that of classic sitcom, “Happy days”, so that Weezer appeared to be performing at Arnold’s drive-in. And that was it, they were huge. So then I found myself getting someone to make me a copy of their debut, self-titled album (aka the Blue album) on cassette tape. The tricky sophomore album, “Pinkerton”, came next in 1996 but personally, I never really bothered with it. I was too embroiled in the ridiculousness of Britpop by that time.

Five years passed and I started hearing them on the radio again.

The first single from their third album and second self-titled album (aka the Green album), “Hash pipe”, felt to me like a bit of a lazy effort and well… dumb… for want of a better word. But the second single by comparison was sweet pop goodness.

“Island in the sun” is yet another simple tune by the band but it has one heck of a catchy melody. It has all the hallmarks of the 50s and 60s doo-wop sound that they played with and that made their debut so successful but this time, without all the crunchy guitars. “Island in the sun” is as laidback as I imagine Island life to be: lawn chairs, fruity drinks, white powdery sand, and the cool, blue salt water lapping at your naked and slowly tanning toes. It is without a care. It is that place knowing that your workday is still a few more days and a few thousand kilometres away.

And isn’t that a nice thought on a cold wintry morning such as this?

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6 replies on “Best tunes of 2001: #22 Weezer “Island in the sun””

Didn’t really love this one as much as friends and my brother did. To be honest, I was probably too disappointed by their return, as the Blue Album and Pinkerton were huge for me (though not half as disappointed as their future output, right enough).

I dare say there is probably a good album spread across the Green album and Maladroit, and this would be on it.

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That combo sounds like it might work but I’d throw in more than just Maladroit. With Weezer, I find they hit and miss way too much, with the exception of the Blue album (which I love), I could never listen to an album from beginning to end. They do have some fantastic singles though.

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Just one of those fluke stories that I love. I’m sure you’ve got a story or two of your own.. you go to see a band you love and end up seeing an opening act that supersedes the band that you originally went to see in just a few short years.

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