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Live music galleries: Orville Peck [2019]

(I got the idea for this series while sifting through the ‘piles’ of digital photos on my laptop. It occurred to me to share some of these great pics from some of my favourite concert sets from time to time. Until I get around to the next one, I invite you to peruse my ever-growing list of concerts page.)

Orville Peck and his band at CityFolk, 2019

Artist: Orville Peck
When: September 12th, 2019
Where: City stage, CityFolk, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa
Context: Just a few days ago, I posted about how Orville Peck’s debut album, “Pony”, made the number five spot on my best albums of the year list. As I mentioned there, I wasn’t that high on it at first listen. However, with repeat spins, it quickly climbed the ranks and by the time September rolled around, I was solidly hooked. Peck’s inclusion on the CityFolk lineup was the main reason I considered going at all this year. I had originally planned on going away on vacation in September but when that fell through, I took another look and bought a ticket for opening night. Orville Peck started off the festival proceedings and I’m sure the half the crowd that didn’t know what it was in for, was baffled for at least a few songs. He was backed by Toronto post-punk outfit Frigs, trading in their usual threads for cowboy hats and vintage, western garb. The set was phenomenal, engaging, and hooting and hollering fun, all the way through.
Point of reference song: Big sky

Orville Peck, man of mystery
Bria Salmena on the keys
Kyle Connolly on bass
Kris Bowering on drums
Bria Salmena on guitar
Kyle Connolly and Duncan Hay Jennings
Orville Peck leading the jam

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