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Live music galleries: Ottawa Bluesfest 2019, day five – Scary Bear Soundtrack

(Since I’ll be too busy attending Ottawa Bluesfest over the next week or so to continue with this blog’s regularly scheduled programming, I thought I would do a special ‘live galleries’ series this week to share some pics from some of the sets I am enjoying.)

Entrance to Bluesville

Artist: Scary Bear Soundtrack
When: July 9th, 2019
Where: Lebreton Flats Park, Ottawa
Some words: This’ll be a short and sweet one.

I hadn’t actually planned on attended Tuesday night but an early set by a local band caught my eye. The name, Scary Bear Sountrack, was a fun one that aroused my curiosity. However, it was the influences of dream poppers My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins, and Canadian indie stalwarts, Stars, that drew me right in.

And that’s the beauty of having a festival pass. One can choose to stop in after work for one band, a local one that may be heretofore unheard of, without a great commitment, rock out at the front of the Bluesville stage and go home at a decent hour, satisfied.

And so that is what happened.

To sum up, many of you outside of Ottawa, or if you’re lucky, Canada, may never get the chance, but if you do and you love any of the aforementioned influences, go check out Scary Bear Soundtrack. The local five piece led by Gloria Guns put on a great set for these ears, three part female vocal harmonies and plenty of noisy guitars and washy synths.

Scary Bear Soundtrack


Gloria Guns of Scary Bear Soundtrack

15 replies on “Live music galleries: Ottawa Bluesfest 2019, day five – Scary Bear Soundtrack”

Yeah. I’m finding my plans changing from one day to the next. Going on days I wasn’t planning to and skipping the ones to which I thought I’d go.

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Haha. I hadn’t watched music videos on YouTube in a while but now that I finally joined the rest of the world with a smart TV, I’ve been watching more of it.

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Haha. I thought I was the only one that hadn’t made the jump yet. We traded in our huge tube TV for a wicked HD flat screen. The difference is ridiculous.

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We’ve had the same LCD telly for 12 years. I remember replacing the old widescreen tube telly and thinking the difference was insane.

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We watching something on the old tv using Netflix and watched the final episode on the new tv and my wife thought that maybe they had filmed it differently. I said no, it was the tv.

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So they are! I am actually wishing now I didn’t pick up a copy of their record at the show.


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